SEPT. 27 2002: UPDATE - Angel Episode 67 now online. See below.



Okay guys, here's the deal…

A friend of mine, who shall remain nameless, works as a staff writer at Mutant Enemy. This person wrote a bundle of draft scripts for Buffy and Angel last season, including pivotal story arc episodes for both shows.

However, these scripts were subsequently butchered by certain other individuals involved in the shows in a "creative capacity", resulting in a lacklustre final episode of Angel and a truly pathetic season of Buffy. So after assurances that this would not be the case this year, my friend has decided to ensure the integrity of his work by allowing me to post some of his drafts before the season airs. Neither of us can be sure how much, or how little of these storylines will survive. But hopefully the fans will appreciate that not everyone involved with these shows is complicit in pairing up Angel with Cordelia, or turning Buffy into "Felicity with vampires".

Until then enjoy the opening episode of Buffy… (but beware, it's a big file) and I'll post the other scripts as soon as I have time to scan and upload them.

Please feel free to spread the word and pass the scripts around, if you want to mirror this site I have no objections so long as the above paragraph accompanies them. I trust everyone understands why my friend's name does not appear on these scripts and why we've resorted to using anonymous freebie servers.

I'll endeavour to answer any questions you have about the scripts. You can email me at this address:

Yours in slayage,

Buffy Episode #123



Met with the writer again today, (Sept 12th) so I took the opportunity to repeat some of the many questions that have been e-mailed to me, and get some answers straight from the horses' mouth as it were.

> The complete how and why of Lorne's return from Los Vegas, and how Angel escaped from his watery grave is fully explained in the first episode of Angel. (which I've read twice, it's brilliant, and I'll be posting it in the next couple of days.)

>Tara is back for good. Her entire back history is explained during episodes five and six, (that's a two-parter), episodes that also mark the return of Riley.

>Couldn't get a straight answer about who or what "Moll" is. The only detail the writer would give me was that he's not a demon, but he does work for somebody even higher up the food chain than Glory.

Buffy Episode #124

Sorry about the lateness of the update folks.
Ever since the season premiere of Buffy aired, I've been busy reading through a bundle of angry e-mails from people who obviously need to reread the paragraph prefacing this site. To reiterate, I never made any claims that the scripts posted here were guaranteed to eventually be made into actual episodes. The scripts available from this site were in fact written several months ago. The aim of the site was that should the shows, (Buffy in particular), continue to spiral downwards towards the Dawson's Creek end of the quality scale; that the fans know it wasn't through a lack of effort on behalf of ALL the writers.

At the same time, I also have some sad news to report. Having met my writer friend for lunch last week, (yes, this person will remain anonymous) I have been informed that none of the story arc material submitted by this particular person has been utilised for the upcoming season. So long to Moll, Aza and the rest of the Seraphs, and a tearful farewell to The Liberator (the big crossover season baddie to end all season baddies).
Apparently after seeing the first four (finished) episodes of Buffy and the first three episodes of Angel, my writer friend has resigned his contract with Mutant Enemy on the grounds that his/her, and I quote: "Season opener for Angel represented my best work to date for either show, and the refusal to use the story was a blatant insult to creative integrity".

I couldn't get any details regarding the actual finished episodes because the terms of the writer's contract settlement included a gagging-order, and disgruntled ex-employees are always the first targets for litigation should such information become public. Though he did say that Buffy viewers could expect several vapid "relationship issues" episodes that would definitely not involve a physical resurrection of Tara. And that Angel was "marked by a criminal underuse of Charisma Carpenter, that was a total over-reaction to her recent personal problems". I know what he's referring to on this last point, but if you don't, I'm not going to tell you.

Oh, and by the by, there's a shiny new nickel for whomever uses the tidbits of information I've inadvertently given in the above paragraphs to piece together the writer's identity from the previous show credits.

Till then, why not enjoy some of this writer's "best work to date", as Angel episode one is now online.

Angel #67